The Grisham & Sullivan Series

Camille Grisham was once a decorated field agent with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. Her job was to solve the country’s most complex and violent crimes, often with little more than a textbook profile of the perpetrator to go on. No one did it better. But after her partner’s death at the hands of a sadistic mass murderer, she has become a broken shell of her former self.
Forced to leave the Bureau under the weight of guilt, Camille returns to her hometown of Denver, hopeful that the presence of family and friends can heal the wounds that time could not. Unfortunately, a change in scenery does not bring about a change in fortune. Less than twenty-four hours after her arrival home, Camille is left to deal with yet another tragic loss Рthe brutal murder of her best friend Julia in an apparent home invasion.
For local police, the case is open and shut. For Camille it is anything but. Desperate for answers, she becomes an unwitting participant in an investigation that leads to a startling aspect of Julia’s life; a dark secret not even Camille knew about. All the while a killer – hell bent on preserving that secret – is waiting in the shadows, watching her every move.
With the help of a homicide detective whose doubts about her department’s case increase by the second, Camille must race to uncover the true motives behind Julia’s murder – even though she knows that doing so will put her on an inevitable collision course with a past that she wants nothing more than to leave behind.
Daniel Sykes is one of the century’s most notorious serial killers. And Jacob Deaver is tasked with writing Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00003]his biography. For the fledgling true-crime writer, it is the opportunity of a lifetime; a guaranteed bestseller. But not everyone is sold.
Camille Grisham, the former FBI agent responsible for Sykes’ capture, thought that the grisly chapter had been forever closed, until Deaver approaches her in a coffee shop with a most unwelcome proposition. The unforeseen turn that follows will thrust Camille into the harrowing wilderness of the past, while revealing a terrifying new menace that threatens to destroy the post-FBI life she has worked so hard to build.
It will also bring her face to face with a psychopath the likes of which she has never seen.
And in the end, a shocking new chapter will be written…